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the Italian Gathering: 1997 | 1998

The Italian Demoscene meets himself!

We have decided to add to the normal activities of a party, some interesting conferences about various aspect of the computer world.
The main goal of TIG97 is to give to the computer-people a place where meet themselves.
On the afternoon of the 6 September it will be possible to speak freely about a lot of topics about the computer-world.
The conferences will be opened to everyone. Who will want to speak will be free to do so! We will give you all the stuff you will need (microphones, computers, modems) in order to give you the opportunity to show entirely what you want to say!
Some examples of possible conference topics are : demo-scene, Fidonet, Internet security, Internet protocols, General programming topics and so on! Move your mind!!! If you want to say something, wanto to introduce your group, want only speak, the send an e-mail to ig97@metro.it with the topic you want to cover.
Everyone can speak at any conference!!!

Scheduled conferences

  • The Italian demoscene Pc/Amiga
    ...where will we go?

  • The Net in Italy
    Nodi in Italia e reti amatoriali, stanno scomparendo?
    Sysop intervenite numerosi!

    Technical topics

  • Introduction to the TCP/IP
    by XeNoN

  • IRC: only chatter?
    by Spirit ^ CHAOTiC ViSiONS ^ / The Bermuda Triangle

  • Introduction to the Computer-Emulators
    by Zek (Carlo Biondini)

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