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the Italian Gathering: 1997 | 1998


In this page you can find some images of demo-group who come to the party!
If you want to send some pictures you can write an email to the address: ig97@metro.it

Nah-Kolor's logo

Picture by Lazur '95.
(download original size 145Kb 640x480/GIF)

Picture by Fra (Nah-Kolor)
(download original size 198Kb 640x512/JPG)

DarkAge's logo

Tequila's logo

Picture by O2 (L0g0n)
(download original size 24Kb 320x240/JPG)

Picture by Fra (Nah-Kolor)
(download original size 221Kb 640x480/JPG)

Picture by Heliss
(download original size 150Kb 567x624/JPG)


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